The two-day international conference THAT ART EXHIBITS will draw attention to what it means for art to exhibit. With a specific focus on artistic research the conference brings together research projects that integrate processes of artistic agency and mediation in the field of contemporary art and visual culture at large, beyond the ostensible dichotomy between artist and curator. THAT ART EXHIBITS explores the notions of curation and display/exhibition as artistic research practices.

Everyone is free to participate in the conference, but registration is required. All conference details and the registration form: www.thatartexhibits.info. During the conference you can also visit LUX, the LUCA Showcase 2016.

THAT ART EXHIBITS is an EARN conference organised by LUCA School of Arts and the Lieven Gevaert Research Centre, in cooperation with rAAk (Research Center for Architecture & the Arts at KU Leuven Association) and Villa Empain – Boghossian Foundation.



EARN (European Artistic Research Network) was established to share and exchange knowledge and experience in artistic research; foster mobility, exchange and dialogue among art researchers; promote wider dissemination of artistic research; and enable global connectivity and exchange for artistic research.


LUCA School of Arts LUCA School of Arts is the only university college in Flanders exclusively dedicated to art and design, making it unique in the region. The art school combines the strengths and expertise of five renowned Flemish higher education institutions for art and design, spread across Brussels, Genk, Ghent and Leuven. LUCA is a member of the KU Leuven Association.More than 4,000 students can choose from in excess of thirty programmes in Audiovisual Arts & Techniques, Interior & Product Design, Construction Technology, Music & Drama and Visual Arts & Design. LUCA School of Arts offers both professional and academic bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees and advanced bachelor’s and master’s degrees.


rAAk (Research Center for Architecture & the Arts at KU Leuven Association) stimulates multidisciplinary research at LUCA Faculty of the Arts, LUCA Pro and the Departement of Architecture Campus Sint-Lucas (KU Leuven). The focus of rAAK is on topics such as display, spaciousness, public space and materiality from the perspective of the unique expertise of artists, designers and architects.


Lieven Gevaert Centre Named after the pioneer of the photography industry in Belgium, Lieven Gevaert, the Lieven Gevaert Research Centre for Photography, Art and Visual Culture was founded in 2004. The Lieven Gevaert Centre (LGC) is a joint collaboration between the KU Leuven and the UCLouvain. It is based in the Faculty of Arts of the KU Leuven and the Institute of Research in Culture (INCAL) of the UCLouvain. The primary aim of the LGC is the study of photography, art and visual culture. Other important objectives of the LGC are the dissemination of research and scholarship, the publication of important scholarship in the field, and the development of a specialized documentation centre.