John Ryan Brubaker

LUCA School of Arts

Photodynamism Revisited

100 years after its publication, Anton Giulio Bragaglia’s manifesto, Fotodinamismo futurista (1913), seems in many respects still relevant to the debate on motion and representation of movement in photographic images (Shaw, Vanvolsem, 2012). If we can enlarge its scope to other photographic techniques (Alternative Processes, Slit photography, Stereo Photography, Photographic Abstraction, etc.), the photo dynamism manifesto also seems to contribute to an understanding of the experimental contemporary photography.

With this study we want to demonstrate that the original manifesto has more potential than what the Bragaglia brothers realized with long exposure times. Starting from our own results, and with the current technologies and knowledge in mind, we have come to a new manifesto of a dynamic photography anno 2016.

This research is being conducted by John Ryan Brubaker and Maarten Vanvolsem under the Photography Expanded branch of the Intermedia Research Group at Luca School of Arts in Brussels, Belgium.