Filip Van Dingenen

LUCA School of Arts

Copito de Nieve; Totem in the Anthropocene

My investigation aims to rethink – reconsider – redirect and re-evaluate the gathering and assembling at stake in zoological collections, the archive of fauna & flora and botanical heritage. The observation of these collections – archives – heritage considered as a repository will offer the starting point for questioning, investigating and exploring appropriate forms and contemporary interpretations of the gathering and assembling that are related to these ‘public repositories’ and their display. This investigation and exploration of forms and interpretations will imply also a reconsideration of the cross-fertilization between education and leisure, that both are commonly associated with these kinds of repositories. I will investigate how to develop and create productive forms i.e. modes of gathering and assembling that affect our relation with and the perception of nature – environment – history. Following questions will be part of my investigation: how to open up information and how to make it accessible for the public, for future generations such that it goes beyond simple information and can be also ‘formation’ i.e. bringing our relation to nature actually into play?

In summary and stated generally, I want to investigate, related to my social-artistic practice: what could be appropriate, contemporary forms of the gathering and assembling that constitute zoo’s and archives as spaces and places where our relation with ‘nature’ is at stake? Such spaces can be conceived as laboratories where experiments find place (i.e. putting our relation to nature to the test) and therefore my investigation can also be seen as an investigation into appropriate laboratory forms of zoological collections and archives.