Eva Cardon

LUCA School of Arts

“Simple Past Perfect”, curating of and participating in experimental narrative collaborations

Since the beginning of my artistic career, both curation and collaboration have been building blocks to my own hybrid practice. As an artist-curator, organising exhibitions allowed me to get involved in an international network of artists, granting me further collaborative opportunities. My PhD research (promotors: Pascal Lefèvre and Gerda Dendooven) centers around artistic biographical visual narratives. At the end of the 20th century, the comics medium developed into a valued art form that combines aspects of fine arts and literature. Recently I have focused on working with artists from different fields to gain a broader insight from uncharted terrains and to look into new ways of graphic storytelling. Collaborating with and studying a selection of writers, musicians and fine artists and commissioning different partnerships changed my perspective on narrative possibilities. These case studies also confronted me with my own limitations and provided me with new strategies to research further, hopefully allowing the comics medium to open up even more to an artistic context.