David Steans

University of Leeds / Leeds College of Art

Night Gallery 1969 – 2016

For That Art Exhibits, David Steans will present a new fiction inspired by and concerned with Night Gallery (NBC, 1969 – 1973), an American anthology television series hosted and co-written by Rod Serling of The Twilight Zone (CBS, 1959 – 1964) fame. Night Gallery took place in an art gallery; Serling’s curator-cum-cryptkeeper introduced each episode’s macabre tale by presenting a painting to the viewer.

Taking a cue from broadly postmodern approaches to narrative and storytelling in contemporary art, literature and moving image media, Steans’ practice-led research looks at the blurring of fact and fiction as creative and critical method. His approach is interdisciplinary, and underpinned by the concept of genre and the notion of art that ‘returns to the scene’. Central references include meta- or inter-textual horror, ‘realist horror’ as defined by Cynthia Freeland, the mockumentary and fan fiction.