Cathy O’Carroll

GradCAM, Dublin Institute of Technology

Palimpsest (performance)

Exhibiting the Amateur (presentation)

Palimpsest: This short performance is initiated as a response to a particular art work- Alice Maher’s The Double (2009). Palimpsest constitutes, and is constituted by, the space of the gallery and its surrounds, navigated in the journey to and from the exhibition space.

Exhibiting the Amateur: Following the performance I open questions arising out of and within the piece relating to exhibition, mediation and scenography. In what ways can the performance scene exhibit and be exhibited by its contextual space? In what ways can this co relation be embraced, in terms of the interplay of practice and theory within practice led arts research methodologies. I consider Bernard Stiegler’s conceptual construction of the figure of the ‘amateur’ in relation to the opening of object and space through interaction and interrelationships. This figure, constituted through love, belief and subjective interest suggests an artistic conception of exhibition, mediation and agency that anticipates the co-implication of audience and work. Participation in the symbolic production of artworks, seeing a work by what it makes us do, opens up the work, through time, to configure psycho-social individuation (Stiegler 2015). That art exhibits, is fundamental to this relationship, that it exhibits its context, its frame and its ground and that of the spectator, producing new interactions and interrelations beyond the gallery walls.