Alaena Turner

University of Leeds, School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies

Artist as host and guest: An analysis of hospitality in relation to curatorial practice

Drawing on two recent exhibitions I have developed as an artist-curator (Slow, Thick Fingers, Kingsgate Project Space, London, Feb-March 2016 and Ingredients, Method, Serving Suggestion, A.P.T Gallery, London, July- Sep 2016) I intend to explore the concept of hospitality in relation to curation. I will present visual documentation of these curatorial projects, and discuss the curatorial strategy in relation to the conceptual framework of hospitality, making particular reference to Jacques Derrida. I will outline the ways in which the theory of hospitality emerging from philosophical discourse might be used to critically approach the social dynamic initiated by the situation of artists working together towards a visual exhibition. I aim to make a distinction between a hospitable way of working as an artist-curator and the nature of contemporary collaborative art practice which has been developed by Maria Lind.

By reflecting on a series of paintings produced for Ingredients, Method, Serving Suggestion which interpret the 1961 instruction ‘Time Painting’ by Yoko Ono I will develop an understanding of hospitality in relation to interdisciplinary practice. Through this presentation I will explore the degree to which curation might enable or constitute a specific form of hospitality, and will use examples of new commissioned artworks to discuss whether or not it is possible to conceive of the artwork itself as host.