Head of the Institute of Art of the FHNW Academy of Arts and Design in Basel

Execute The Few Hundred Sensual and Sentimental Motions That Define Your Limits. Or the tale of a museum invented by an artist, a rainforest as its museologist and a duck as its best viewer.

For decades artists have understood that the way to regain an understanding about form demands losing it completely. One of the very first examples of the radical metamorphosis of an artwork into a museum was provided by Rafael Montañes Ortiz. Ortiz, an artists and a thinker, and a school teacher at the time of the invention of El Museo del Barrio in the late sixties, produced one of the wildest forms of imagination by transforming an artwork into an art institution and then wanting to turn the institution into a rainforest.

In this talk Chus Martínez addresses this and other examples of hylomorphism as ways of renewing and challenging our imagination of the „museum“ and of generating a space that could defy our historical ideas of culture and turn to nature in order to be able to address race and gender questions beyond our Western inherited notion of aesthetic experience.